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Riding & walks in nature

a way to inner peace, confidence and strength

Horses live in a natural state, in an authentic way,  in their inner strength, grounded and centered. They mirror you.  Contact with them brings you into your natural state, into your authentic being and enhances your inner strength.


When you make contact with a horse, you see yourself.  You see what's really in your heart. 

On the one hand, you see your fears, obstructions, emotions and other blockages.

And on the other hand, you can also see your good qualities and potential.



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retreats with horses

Love, Confidence, Friendship, Liberty, Solidarity, Safety and Authentic Leadership - those qualities make a horse's life harmonious.


In the thousands of moments that I have looked at my horses, I have seen them achieve this harmony with each other.  Horses are devoted, respectful beings. And very intelligent.


My invitation for you is to build up a mutual and respectful relationship, in a way that fits with their way of being.  It will harmonise all your human relationships too.


The basic principle of participating in a week here with the horses is to 'Be'.  To 'Do', like riding,  if desired, can spring from that.


Nowadays in most countries it is not possible for horses to walk around wherever they want anymore.  My horses too are domesticated animals, but they live in a natural environment. That makes the contact with them different from the contact with a horse that is in a stable the whole day and only allowed out for work.



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12 to 18 September 2021
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