Into your Heart - Self-enquiry with the help of Horses


Dates: 13 to 19 August 2020

             23 to 29 August 2020

             03 to 09 September 2020

More dates on request


Price: € 540,-

includes accommodation, meals and full program


€ 50.- discount when you book together with a friend!

Location: Casa La Paz, Las Alpujarras, South of Spain


For more dates see Agenda.

To book your place simply email us now.

Horses recognise emotions, fears and blockages and react to them. This can give you an insight on how to get more harmony in your life. Horses are naturally good teachers.


Horses allow transformations and the release of the things you do not need any longer. They help you to be in the here and now, and present a way towards your inner strength, your individual authenticity and confidence. Horses show you the importance of consciousness in your attitudes and intentions.


Self-enquiry with horses points you to the importance of the connection with yourself and how this connection improves your human relationships.

Horses can open the door for you and it is up to you to walk through!


´Beautiful, unique, powerful what I experienced here.

I came openminded and openhearted and Kim, Nona, Astra and Sal have shown me how it is to be at home again in myself, to experience the essence of who I am.

Kim, you have the gift to transmit your wisdom with your horses!!!

What I really appreciate, is that all happens in an earthly and free way.

Thank you so much for all these beautiful experiences. 

Lovely food, lovely time, pure life!`

Mo 20-04-2016

´So many teachings from the horses and Kim. I am grateful to have finally found a tool to live my emotions and to move forward in life.  I know now how to contact my inner strength and I´m looking forward to practising it in my daily life

Thank you for the non-entertainment and to let me find my place with total independence.`

Julie 26-04-2016

coaching, meditation, retreat with horses

coaching, meditation, retreat with horses

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