The Natural Horse Way - Walks in Nature

In this programme 'The Natural Horse Way' we also make walks in nature together with the horses. There is also some riding possible during this walks..


We pay attention to a good connection with the horse whilst walking and riding. We ride them without a bit in their mouth, which means you have to use body language and

the language of intention. In the lessons you learn how to do this.

Walking with horses and horseriding is communication between you and the horse.  For good communication you need to give clear, friendly messages,  to build up confidence, in yourself and between you and the horse.

Communication is a two-way process.  It is important to 'listen' to the horse from an inner silence.

The encounter with a horse requires the finding of inner silence and balance in yourself. We do many exercises during the week to give this the chance to unfold.

No coercion. Just communication, respect and balance.

We try to build a relationship based on friendliness and respect. Not commanding the horse, but being together.

Practical Information:


Dates: 12 to 18 September 2020

             05 to 11 October 2020

Price: € 580,- (includes accommodation, meals and complete program)

When you book together with a friend you both receive € 50,- discount

Location: Casa La Paz, Las Alpujarras, South of Spain


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